Did you know that kids could catch colds over eight times a year? Unluckily, the common cold is the main reason why kids miss their schools. At many times, parents feel helpless watching their children be discomforted. What can you do as a parent to make your child feel better?

A common cold typically develops in stages, with certain symptoms. It generally appears about one to three days after exposure to a cold-causing virus.

How to Make Your Child Feel Better During a Cold?

  • Resting

Your child should get plenty of rest both during the day and night for faster recovery.

  • Intake of Fluids

It is important to consume lots of liquids throughout the day, especially water, chicken soup, and orange juice.

  • Use of a Humidifier

A humidifier or vaporizer will moisten the air to relieve the child of congestion.

  • Warm Baths

A warm bath will aid in relaxation as well as in clearing the phlegm from the nasal passages; allowing the child to have a good night’s rest.

  • Refer to a Doctor to Get the Proper Medication

Consult with a physician before giving your child any medication. Prospan® is available in different forms and helps relieve your child from the annoying chesty cough. Nisita® is also available in two forms, spray and ointment, to relieve your child from a dry and itchy nose.

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