Nisita® Products

Nisita® is there to improve the quality of your life through relieving you from nose dryness and therefore ridding you of its accompanying symptoms!

Nisita® Nasal Ointment

100 g ointment contains:


2.8 g sodium chloride

7.2 g sodium bicarbonate


Commercial Sizes: 10g & 20g

Nisita® Nasal Spray

1 ml isotonic solution contains:


3.3 mg sodium chloride

8.3 mg sodium bicarbonate


Commercial Sizes: 20ml

How to Use Nisita®

Nisita® Nasal Ointment

Insert the tube into the nostril as far as possible and squeeze 1cm of ointment into each nostril.

Nisita® Spray

Insert the tube into the nostril as far as possible and spray once into each nostril.

When to Use Nisita®


  • Protects the nasal mucosa against drying-out in the event of dry air
  • Avoids the contact of irritants with the nasal mucosa


  • Moistens the nasal mucosa
  • Loosens crusts and scabs
  • Supports the treatment of colds in infants and children
  • Improves nasal respiration and can thus reduce snoring


  • Supports the regeneration of the damaged nasal mucosa in case of colds, nosebleed, and after operations


Nisita® Spray

Infants and children up to the age of 2

Spray once into each nostril several times daily

Adults and children from 2 years onwards

Spray 1-2 times into each nostril several times daily

Nisita® Ointment

The ointment should be applied several times daily, particularly before going to bed.

Why Nisita®?

Free of preservatives & well tolerated

Most suitable for children and infants as well

Easy administration

Can be used over longer periods with no side effects or addiction

Sense of relief

Better quality of life