We all enjoy traveling, Yet probably, some of you dislike the flight time and being stuck in a stuffy airplane with low humidity and fluctuated oxygen levels, which can drain your energy, dry your skin and your nasal passages and confuse your body functions.

What are the causes?

One of the primary causes is low humidity in the airplane cabin, which draws moisture from your body and causes unpleasant symptoms such as nasal congestion and dryness. Aside from the discomfort, dry nasal passages become less effective at keeping germs out of the body, putting your body’s immunity at risk.

Moisturizing your nose with Nisita nasal spray is recommended; it will make your travel more comfortable while also increasing your chances of avoiding germs and infection contact while traveling.

Another cause is the cabin air pressure, which frequently changes too quickly for a blocked or infected sinus canal to sustain. When this imbalance occurs, the tubes in our ears and sinuses are unable to equalize the pressure, resulting in symptoms similar to a sinus infection, such as flare-ups and sinus pain.

How can we prevent and cope with in-flight symptoms?

Here are some suggestions for relieving nasal congestion, dryness, and sinus pressure symptoms, as well as preventing them from occurring in the first place:

  • Stay hydrated before and throughout your flight to reduce the risk of dryness throughout your body, including your nasal passages.
  • Eat Properly to help keep your immune system resilient.
  • Proper sleep helps prepare your body for dealing with any potentially harmful bacteria.
  • Use Nisita Nasal Spray, When you notice your nose becoming dry, reapply more saline spray pumps.
  • Apply Nisita Nasal Ointment inside your nose to relieve dryness during travel.
  • Pack a travel humidifier.
  • Wear glasses instead of contacts to help prevent discomfort to the eyes.
  • Pack small bottles of body lotion and eye drop.
  • Take the required shots/vaccines.
  • Carry a bottle of hand sanitizer throughout your travel.

Most importantly, have safe travel and enjoy the journey.

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