Air conditioning became one of the most common home appliances that we rely on. It helps us survive the extreme weather conditions, despite the relief it gives especially during intolerable temperatures; there are many health considerations associated to its usage that we should be aware of.

It is noted that air coming from air conditioners is dry, but what happens exactly that causes this air dryness? Air conditioners circulate the air inside your house or office. During the circulation process, the air’s humidity levels drastically drop to levels 15 percent or less.  The lower the temperature set the lower the humidity which can reflect on the tenant’s health. With low humidity levels, air will help in causing dryness to the nasal mucosa. The mucosa that purifies, humidifiers, and warms the air that goes to your lungs, guaranteeing a healthy breathing process.

Mucosa dryness can progress and lead to upper respiratory infections, headaches aside from other illnesses. Knowing mucus is vital to capture irritants and block their entrance, drying it up can leave us vulnerable to the possibility of catching other diseases.

Let us face it, no one can efficiently function under extreme weather conditions and irritation becomes the master of the situation. Therefore, we rely on air conditioners to give us the comfort needed. However, we still want to avoid nasal dryness and overall fatigue. Here comes the role of Nisita to ensure creating a balance between both, to remain chilled yet keep your nose relieved from dryness. Nisita maintains the moisture levels in the nasal mucosa to avoid having disruptions. With its natural ingredients and compatible size, it can be safely used several times during the day and could be easily taken with you anywhere.

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