In the spring, We are more likely to develop allergies and our suffering worsens with eczema.

As this warm season brings with it allergens in the air, and high temperatures lead to more severe eczema. This, in turn, increases sweating, which also irritates the skin and exacerbates eczema. The skin is the most exposed part of the human body to weather and dust fluctuations. Which increases the chance of causing eczema, whose symptoms range from skin irritation and feeling itchy, redness, and dryness of the skin to the appearance of cracks on it.

As we cannot avoid the spring or change in temperature, we must follow some steps that have proven to be effective in reducing the aggravation of eczema and reducing its severity when the weather becomes hot, Which are:

1- Reducing exposure to high temperatures:

We advise you to avoid sitting in direct sunlight, limit going out during daytime when temperatures are high, and try staying indoor and shaded areas as possible.

2- Avoid excessive sweating:

Minerals associated with perspiration, such as sodium, chloride, zinc, and others, irritate sensitive skin and increase the severity of eczema, so we note its presence on the most sweaty areas in the body, such as the area around the neck and behind the knees. It is preferable to limit sports activities in high temperatures to reduce excessive sweating and keep eczema under control. We also urge you to shower immediately after any physical activity to avoid skin irritation and exacerbation of eczema.

3- Using moisturizing creams and ointments for the skin:

Moisturizing ointments and creams are like medicine for eczema, so make sure you apply the creams on the dry areas and keep them moisturized to help treating eczema. Apply it several times a day, yet avoid the creams that have a strong smell or fragrance as they are considered allergens.

4- Stay away from allergens:

The fact that pollen and dust are the most prominent causes of allergies in the spring, so staying away from plants, flowers, and earthy areas is the best decision at this time. We must also avoid wearing rough clothing adjacent to the body, as it works to irritate and feel the skin and wear loose cotton clothing instead.

In most cases, eczema is considered a genetic skin disease, but reducing its severity is controllable to avoid its causes. The spring must remain the beautiful and warm season we love, and it does not have to turn into the season we fear, so we hope you follow the previous steps and enjoy the separation of new roses and beginnings!

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