Clean house, healthy nasal sinuses

When we suffer from one of these symptoms: sinus headaches, thick mucus, congested nasal passages, and fever, we begin to blame the causes that led to our sinusitis, and we usually think they are from outside our home. But these causes may be coming from within the same house! Although we make a great effort to keep the house clean and tidy, we may not pay attention to some minor things that may lead to these symptoms. In this article we have collected the main home causes of sinusitis:

  1. Dust:

It is very easy to clean surfaces and sweep floors, but we often ignore hard-to-reach areas such as curtain rails, corners, fans, etc. Here, the dust begins to gather, especially if we live in dusty or stormy areas. To avoid suffering symptoms of sinusitis, we recommend that you take the following two steps when cleaning:

  • Make an extra effort to clean up all the corners and areas that are not exposed or difficult to reach.
  • Cleaning the vacuum filters and making sure that they are free of dust, since leaving the filters dirty and not changing the filter bags will blow dust back again while using the vacuum cleaner.
  1.  Mold:

When thinking about mold, we assume this problem is unlikely to occur in our homes. But the truth is otherwise. The mold is more than what we think it is, and not being able to see it does not mean that it does not exist, especially if the weather is humid. So we have to do an inspection tour around the house. In general, the mold is in the places where the water leaked from the basins or from the ceiling, behind the wallpaper and under the carpet.

  1.  Pet domestic animals:

Who does not like cute pets ?! They are our furry friends, but we have to take good care of them and make sure to follow these steps with them so that their hair does not make us suffer from sinusitis:

  1. Ensure that their hair does not fall out frequently, and clean the places where they sit regularly.
  2. Forbid them from living rooms and sleeping areas.
  3. Clean their cages and dispose their waste regularly.
  • Ensure that their hair does not fall out frequently, and clean the places where they sit regularly.
  • Forbid them from living rooms and sleeping areas.
  • Clean their cages and dispose their waste regularly.
  1. Perfumes and cosmetics:

Strong odors in perfumes and cosmetics such as hairspray, which are attached to the air around us, cause the irritating symptoms associated with sinusitis. Therefore, we advise you to limit their use and to spray them outdoors or not in confined and closed areas.

  1. Cleaning Products:

Using detergents that contain strong chemicals may work the same as dust, so you can replace strong detergents with ones that contain less severe and harmful substances.

  1. Houseplants and roses:

Plants and roses are special in any home, as they add joy and color. We advise you to choose them carefully and avoid species that contain many pollen, as they are allergens and can cause inflammations.

  1. Swimming pool:

Many of us are waiting for the summer to enjoy swimming, and this sport may become more enjoyable with less chlorine! Chlorine is one of the substances that cause sinusitis. Studies have proven a definite link between the two, and that high levels of chlorine may lead to chlorine sensitivity and thus triggering sinusitis. Another thing that we have to pay attention to is the increased humidity in the homes that contain an indoor swimming pool, sauna or hot tub, as they increase the possibility of mold formation, especially if there is water leakage from any of them.

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