Did you know that some substances that you cannot smell or see may cause you lung problems ?! Did you know that some things that you enjoy using and doing, may lead to lung damage ?! In this article, we offer you a set of strange causes that lead to lung damage, which we must avoid in order to maintain the health of the lungs:

1- Carpets and mold

If you suffer from a mold allergy, a lung disease, or even a decrease in the body’s immunity, mold may cause you serious lung infections.

Sometimes mold, cockroach waste, or some toxic gas is hidden in your carpet, and all of these substances may harm your lungs. So you have to make sure to clean the carpets three times a week, and steam once every year, and it is easier to replace the carpets with wooden floors or any other kind of hard surface!

2- Gas and radon gas devices

Although radon cannot be smelled, touched, or seen, it has severe damage to the lungs and also causes lung cancer. This gas is produced when natural uranium collapses in rocks and dust and leaks into homes through cracks, so it is best to do a simple test to find out the ratio of this gas in your home.

The combustion of gas used in cooking appliances and ovens may produce a chemical called nitrous oxide, which causes heartburn in the lungs, and leads to coughing and asthma. Caring for, cleaning, and repairing gas appliances helps reduce the damage from gas combustion.

3- Cockroaches and pesticides

When the droppings of cockroaches and parts of their bodies turn into dust, we become vulnerable to their breathing, as they are attached to furniture and floors, they cause allergies and breathing problems, and they may also lead to asthma in children. You should keep your home as clean and dry as possible, especially carpets and fabrics, to avoid inhaling cockroach dust.

While insecticides are very necessary and help us get rid of cockroaches and other insects, touching, breathing, or accidentally ingesting them may cause problems in the nerves, hormones, eyes, skin, and lungs as well. Use caution when using these pesticides, and wearing masks, safety goggles, and special clothing may help protect you from them.

4- Flour

Whether you want to prepare bread or sweets, you should be careful when using flour, as breathing it may lead to coughing and difficulty breathing. Using it frequently and continuously may exacerbate lung conditions such as asthma and may cause damage to the lungs. Not only that, but it may also affect your family and individuals who live with you in the same house.

5- Agriculture and birds

Who among us does not like nature, farms, and birds ?! Some people develop lung inflammation when inhaling airborne particles from bird feathers and their tailings, so you should talk to your doctor if you experience any symptoms when you are around birds.

And if you are a farmer or those who spend a lot of time on farms, especially dairy farms or livestock or humid places at the time of harvest, you should stay away from mold that grows on grains or straw, as it may cause your lung inflammation.

6- Fireworks

Fireworks of different colors add joy to our celebrations, but did you know that these colors are produced when small metal coins explode in the air leaving a fine powder, and this powder may lead to asthma or worsen or other problems in the lungs and heart. Celebrate with your family and friends without using fireworks, or wear a breathable mask to protect you from them!

7- Candles

Candles add extra beauty to any place, especially the scented ones. Candles are made from different materials, and the use of those made from beeswax or soy is safer than candles made from oil paraffin, as the latter releases chemicals harmful to the lungs when ignited. We advise you to use candles on occasions and avoid using them on a daily basis.

8- Air humidifier and hot tubs

We use a humidifier to help us breathe better, but it can harm the breathing process as well! This problem is also present in air conditioners and heating systems and is caused by the possibility of the growth of fungi in these devices and their spread with air, which may lead to allergies or infections. To avoid this, you should regularly clean and maintain appliances.

In addition, you should always make sure that the hot tubs and swimming pools are clean, when bacteria grow inside them and enter the lungs through the steam generated by the hot water, they cause coughing, fever, and other breathing problems.

9- Airbags

Airbags are absolutely necessary to protect us while driving, but you should talk to your doctor if you feel lung problems after opening the airbag. Sodium Azide works to push these pillows forward, and although they are white and do not smell, they may cause asthma and breathing problems, and sometimes cause the lungs to be filled with fluid.

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